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[Ep.6] The iDOLM@STER

Takane's best photo shoot yet!

This episode was alright along with all the other episodes of iM@S. However this is the only highlight of the episode since I’m not a huge fan of Miki. Though Azusa did cut her hair she looked as fabulous as she ever was. Not much to say since I’m writing this late and I can’t remember anything and to top it off I just watched iM@S 7 before writing this post.

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[Ep.5] The iDOLM@STER

Takane, Azusa and Yayoi are best girls.

 So this episode was the beach episode, I assumed people were only interested in this episode because in the preview it showed Takane and Azusa in bikinis which in the episode they were hardly seen at all. Quite the disappointment, I still hate Hibiki? (Girl with Hamster) and as Takane even said she lacks elegance and possibly the most annoying girl in the whole show. Plus don’t you just love Takane’s outfit in the screen cap even her face is outstanding. 🙂

[Ep.3] The iDOLM@STER

Gero Gero.

An overall good episode I guess. It introduced more of Chihaya and some of her background story. Though I really hate the hamster girl, Hibiki was it? Nothing much to say since Yayoi wasn’t in the episode. So I’ll just rant about Hibiki’s character, humans cannot talk to and understand animals and vice versa. Also Hibiki’s skin is darker and makes her look like a damn Brazilian or some kind of stupid tanned asian. Plus her fang-tan is not cute, it’s just annoying.