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[Ep.19] Steins;Gate



The best episode of the whole series. Okabe manned the fuck up and beat the shit out of Shining Finger. She got what she deserved regardless of not knowing that she will kill Mayuri. She’s a fucked up bitch anyway. Nothing much to say since this was the highlight of the episode. As for next episode some light is shined on Moeka’s past or something like that.


[Ep.18] Steins;Gate


To be or not to be... a trap.

This episode I felt was different from the usual. It was less gloomy and more cute in a way. From here on there will be slight spoilers. So Ruka wanted to go on a date with Okabe (How old is he anyway?). So Ruka was pretty cute in this episode and it was also pretty cute how Mayuri saw how Ruka was on a date with someone fancy. Overall good episode, a change in taste but still great. Next episode is featuring Shining Finger.