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[Ep.6] Mayo Chiki!

Sadist you say? Sadist it is.

Kanade-ojousama is truly my favorite character. She’s the perfect sadist of my fantasies, I cannot describe how perfect she is. Even if she kills me brutally I would try my best to endure it. Now on to the episode. This episode was very redeeming but kind of lacked Kanade. Kureha’s voice ( KANAHANA) is just so great and fitting towards her personality. Kanade’s voice is perfect (ERIKITA) and so sexually arousing. As for the tsundere girl I forget her name so we’ll go with Usami for now. Subara in a China dress and is pretty great but was it not obvious she had breasts. Derp.


[Ep.9-10] Minami-ke Okawari


To eat, or not to eat.

Yes, I’ve watched the first season of Minami-ke and heard of the big Minami-ke announcement coming this fall. Yes I am quite hyped, if it is a “season 2” or a “season 4”. Season 1 definitely had better character designs compared to the others. S2+S3 just have very inconsistent drawings. Humor stays neutral to me, it’s still very enjoyable despite the inconsistent art. Also Kana sort of my favorite character, I can’t really decide between her and Chiaki because Kana is such a dick sometimes. Well then my favorite would be Touma.