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[Ep.6] Mayo Chiki!

Sadist you say? Sadist it is.

Kanade-ojousama is truly my favorite character. She’s the perfect sadist of my fantasies, I cannot describe how perfect she is. Even if she kills me brutally I would try my best to endure it. Now on to the episode. This episode was very redeeming but kind of lacked Kanade. Kureha’s voice ( KANAHANA) is just so great and fitting towards her personality. Kanade’s voice is perfect (ERIKITA) and so sexually arousing. As for the tsundere girl I forget her name so we’ll go with Usami for now. Subara in a China dress and is pretty great but was it not obvious she had breasts. Derp.


[Ep.13] Minami-ke Okawari Finale

Wait! Minami-ke isn't over yet!

So, trying to quickly finish up some Minami-ke in hopes of a “2nd” or “4th” season in the upcoming fall. This season was pretty good, I had some laughs here and there and my only problem with it is the inconsistant drawing style. In the end still very enjoyable and needs more Hosaka. And I guess Touma is my favourite girl.

[Ep.5] Mayo Chiki!

Kanade-ojousama is still best girl.

Kanade is still the best girl of all time. I practically only watch this show for Kanade. This episode wasn’t so great because as  you can guess Kanade didn’t get very much screen time at all. On the other hand they were also introducing a new arc and character, Usami, some abusive tsundere and the festival arc I assume. Next episode will introduce the blonde nekomimi Brazilian with glasses.

[Ep.9-10] Minami-ke Okawari


To eat, or not to eat.

Yes, I’ve watched the first season of Minami-ke and heard of the big Minami-ke announcement coming this fall. Yes I am quite hyped, if it is a “season 2” or a “season 4”. Season 1 definitely had better character designs compared to the others. S2+S3 just have very inconsistent drawings. Humor stays neutral to me, it’s still very enjoyable despite the inconsistent art. Also Kana sort of my favorite character, I can’t really decide between her and Chiaki because Kana is such a dick sometimes. Well then my favorite would be Touma.

[Ep.4] Mayo Chiki

Kanade-ojousama is best!

You have to admit Kanade-ojousama is the best girl of the entire season.

I don’t really know what to write considering this is my first “real” blog post so I’ll just get on with my rambling.

This episode wasn’t as great as the other episodes ( 1 and 2 ). The anime does a great job with its warm hearted comedy and crude humour, but putting in a more serious aspect ruined this episode for me. Although Kanade-ojousama’s screen time made up for it. The anime does poorly in trying to stir up a plot, so while I try not to spoil anything I felt the serious moments were very corny and generic just like the whole anime itself.

PS: Kanade-ojousama is best girl.