[Ep.1] Carnival Phantasm

It's been too long Ilya. :>

 I have been waiting for this since forever. I watched the preview everyday until this day. My god Ilya is so damn cute as well the all the character designs. These OVA’s certainly shine a light on the grim dark Fate/stay Night. I would write more but I can’t think of anything but rewatching the whole episode over and over.


[Ep.7] The iDOLM@STER


This episode was pretty good I guess, well I liked it. It kind of revolved around Iori but has shared the spotlight on Yayoi which was my main concern. This episode was good I guess. I still don’t like Hibiki or tsunderes though, which apply to Iori.

[Ep.7] Mayo Chiki!

It's undeniable that Ojou-sama is the best character.

Even though I’ve said it about a million times I’ll say it again and again, Ojou-sama is best character of the SEASON. She just gets better and better every episode. As for this episode it made her shine like the lotion on her back. Horrible analogy but you get the gist of it. This episode was most likely for lulz and fanservice like every episode but it was very redeeming. You’d have to like Ojou-sama and watch the episode to get it I guess. Also notice how Ayako has yet to released their version yet. :/

[Ep.6] The iDOLM@STER

Takane's best photo shoot yet!

This episode was alright along with all the other episodes of iM@S. However this is the only highlight of the episode since I’m not a huge fan of Miki. Though Azusa did cut her hair she looked as fabulous as she ever was. Not much to say since I’m writing this late and I can’t remember anything and to top it off I just watched iM@S 7 before writing this post.

.gif related.

[Ep.8] Hellsing Ultimate

The Count is back!

My gosh how long has it been since Alucard got some screen time. He wasn’t in OVA 6 and 7 I don’t think so it’s been quite long. Well he’s back with screen time and spotlight as OVA 8 is finally subbed. The visual quality was alright not the best because I’m not a fan of CGI. Fight scenes were great as well as more fighting between Alucard and Alexander. You also get to see Alucard in his Count Dracula form as well as 0 restriction levels on his powers. Although I must admit last episode was a lot better in visual quality and less suspenseful since this episode ended in a terrible cliffhanger. Just who knows how long the next episode will take.

[Ep.6] Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Do you have a trap fetish?

Do you have a trap fetish?

I don’t have a trap fetish, I just happen to have a Hideyoshi fetish. Hideyoshi is not classified as male nor female just Hideyoshi. Deal with it. This scene was very boneriffic and if you disagree then, I don’t really care. Well this arc is quite long I didn’t think it could last for that 2 episodes and I guess I was wrong. Well Aiko was quite delicious in this episode and Minami’s lesbian lover reappeared. Nothing else to say because BTT2 is BTT2.

ISML 2011 Emerald Period — Round 7

ARENA 01: [Victorique de Blois] Izumi Konata
ARENA 02: [Nakano Azusa] Akiyama Mio
ARENA 03: [Charlotte Dunois] Nymph
ARENA 04: [Misaka Mikoto] Shana
ARENA 05: Asahina Mikuru [Yui]
ARENA 06: Index L. Prohibitorum [Sengoku Nadeko]
ARENA 07: [Sakagami Tomoyo] Kuroi Mato
ARENA 08: Laura Bodewig [Senjōgahara Hitagi]
ARENA 09: Shiina [Suzumiya Haruhi]
ARENA 10: [C.C.] Shirai Kuroko
ARENA 11: Iwasawa Asami [Hirasawa Yui]
ARENA 12: [Holo] Louise Vallière
ARENA 13: Hiiragi Kagami [Konjiki no Yami]
ARENA 14: Aragaki Ayase [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)]
ARENA 15: Hirasawa Ui [Shiina Mafuyu]
ARENA 16: Kotobuki Tsumugi [Seraphim]
ARENA 17: Katsura Hinagiku [Tachibana Kanade]
ARENA 18: Furukawa Nagisa [Fujibayashi Kyō]
ARENA 19: [Tōsaka Rin] Sanzen’in Nagi
ARENA 20: Fate Testarossa [Kōsaka Kirino]
ARENA 21: Haruna [Saber]
ARENA 22: [Nagato Yuki] Eucliwood Hellscythe
ARENA 23: [Nakamura Yuri] Kasugano Sora
ARENA 24: Last Order [Shinonono Hōki]
ARENA 25: Aisaka Taiga [Huang Lingyin]
ARENA 26: Yagami Hikari [Abstained] Haibara Ai