About Me:

-I’m a male.

-I’m an otaku.

-I like to watch anime.

-I like to read manga.

-I hate the big three.


Otaku Achievements:

[x] Arakawa Under the Bridge Marathon 12 ep. – 1 Day

[x] Kannagi 14 ep. – 1 Day

[x] Most Episodes in a day – 16 ep.

[x] 100 Animu Series Completed – Incl. OVA, Movie, Special, TV.

[x] Bought first Animu Figurines – 2/3 Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Petite Sets and Saber Super Movable Ver. Nendoroid

[x] Over 1TB of Animu

[x] Animu Library Sorted and “Icon’d”

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