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[Ep.3] The iDOLM@STER

Gero Gero.

An overall good episode I guess. It introduced more of Chihaya and some of her background story. Though I really hate the hamster girl, Hibiki was it? Nothing much to say since Yayoi wasn’t in the episode. So I’ll just rant about Hibiki’s character, humans cannot talk to and understand animals and vice versa. Also Hibiki’s skin is darker and makes her look like a damn Brazilian or some kind of stupid tanned asian. Plus her fang-tan is not cute, it’s just annoying.


[Ep.4] Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Hideyoshi + Loli Hideyoshi = Best Girl

Episode is entertaining as every episode is. Hideyoshi remains the best girl and character throughout the whole series. Summoned Beings now have the ability to speak which makes it ever so funny and satisfying. Useless rambling blah blah blah blah. Doubt is just the card game Cheat in western society and was little unrealistic how the girls won every game despite having the majority of the cards and still couldn’t doubt on them. Derp. Also there is the reappearance of Kudou Aiko which is still Kouta’s perfect match.

[Ep.4] Mayo Chiki

Kanade-ojousama is best!

You have to admit Kanade-ojousama is the best girl of the entire season.

I don’t really know what to write considering this is my first “real” blog post so I’ll just get on with my rambling.

This episode wasn’t as great as the other episodes ( 1 and 2 ). The anime does a great job with its warm hearted comedy and crude humour, but putting in a more serious aspect ruined this episode for me. Although Kanade-ojousama’s screen time made up for it. The anime does poorly in trying to stir up a plot, so while I try not to spoil anything I felt the serious moments were very corny and generic just like the whole anime itself.

PS: Kanade-ojousama is best girl.

Post #1

This is the first post this has yet to be deleted. This will be a blog on my otaku life. Which consists of otaku things.


What otaku things you ask?




-Otaku Games

-Saber Lily


Hopefully this will keep me occupied and be on-going.